A brief description of the visitors from First Unitarians of Toronto, who will be in Budapest between 23 Sept. - 2 Oct. 2006.



  Doug Campbell -  former professor of accounting, now retired.


Ellen Campbell - formerly worked as lay chief executive officer for the Canadian Unitarian Council. 


 Stan Yack - is an expert in information technology. 


 Mo MacmMahon - works with computer software.


Michiomi Kabayama - loves the Opera and his opera videos. Is an avid reader.


Kathlene Willing - is an ardent bicyclist and takes long trips.  She does yoga and walks every day. Is an avid reader.



Mary Ellen Warren - works in the Ontario government. 


John Warren - is a civil engineer. 


Peter Tiefenbach is a professional pianist, composer and radio broadcaster.


From their program: 


2006. September 24. Sunday - Service at 10 AM Béla Bartók Unitarian Church, having Thanksgiving Service and communion with the members of the Béla Bartok Church.  After the service Peter Tiefenbach will give a piano concert for the members.


2006. September 26,  on the Bela Bartók death anniversary (1945. September 26.) visited the Béla Bartók Memorial House and his grave in the Farkasréti cemetary.


2006. September 29. visiting the Parliament building together with a few members of the church, led by Sepsi Kovács Éva, church president.


2006. September 30. meeting with the leaders of the church at a dinner party.


2006. October 1. Sunday - a UU. Service at Béla Bartok Church at 10 AM given by the members of First Unitarians of Toronto.