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II. Budapest, Csalán út 29.

This is a brief introduction of the great musician, but will complete with more dates.

Béla Bartók               Bartok Bela

/25th March 1881 – 26th September 1945/

The year 2001 was the 120 anniversary of the birth of Bela Bartok. It was celebrated in Hungary and abroad as well. Our remembrance of the great musician was silentful, worshipful and deferential. We remember him not just as a great Hungarian musician, but also as a great Unitarian.

Was born on 25th March 1881 in Nagyszentmiklos. Studied in Nagyvarad, Beszterce, Pozsony, and at the age of 18th he studied in Budapest at the Music Academy. At the age of 18 was his first piano concert. After the study years went abroad organizing piano concerts, and continuing his studies with Erno Dohnanyi. From 1907 he became the piano teacher at the Music Academy. The early compositions are related to the works of Brahms, Schumann, the late Wagner, Liszt and Dohnanyi.

He did try to promote the traditional Hungarian music and later even to study and collect the traditional folk music. And even introduced this folk music in his compositions.

He died in 1945 in New York (USA).

Bela Bartok and his wife Bela Bartok and his wife.

He was not born Unitarian, but at the time when he was 35 years old, in 1916 he choose this religion for himself and his son, the young Bela Bartok. During the time when he collected folk music in Transylvanian villages, he met the Unitarians and he decided to join. His son, the young Bela Bartok was the lay president of the Hungarian Unitarian Church until his death.

The Mission House in Budapest, becoming independent congregation in 2001, took the name of Bela Bartok Unitarian Church in remembering the great musician and Unitarian.

There is a memorial column in the church for this great Unitarian.

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Bela Bartok column in the Unitarian Church in Hogyes Endre street. (made ny Sandor Zágoni)

Bela Bartok
25 March 1881 - 26 September 1945