Services every Sunday at 10 AM

Amateur videos taken of the Bela Bartok church inside:

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The church maintenance and activities are suported by the members. Thank you for your donations:

OTPBank Nyrt, 1085. Budapest, József krt. 33.
Account number: 11708001 - 20534943

IBAN:  HU95 1170 8001 2053 4943 0000 0000


Sermon on June 17th Bela Bartok Church, Budapest  2007. - Rev. Kathy Sage,  Kingston Unitarian Felowship (Canada, ON)

11 members of our systerchurch from Toronto visits the Béla Bartók Unitarian Church between 23 Sept - 2 Oct. 2006.
A UU Service at Béla Bartók Church on Sunday 10 AM, October 1. 2006.Court of arms project for the Bela Bartok Unitarian Church. Design by Pécsi L. Dániel



  This was chosen by the church board!!!



The Béla Bartók Unitarian Church

is raising money to renew and brush up the church inside.  To achieve this goal we sell postcards with the church. One of our member who has a printing press offered these 9 different postcards free as a contribution to the church renewal, and we sell it for 100 Ft each . Beside this we accept donations in this refurbishing found.

The postcards can be found in the ministers office (1092  Budapest,  Hőgyes Endre street 3.) or in the Unitarian Bookstore (1055 Budapest, Alkotmany street 12.)  

Here are the postcards:  if you click on a postcard, will enlarge it!